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The BlueSel Commercial Solar Difference

Serving Business in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Company History

Over 9 Years of Dedicated Solar Service and Excellence to Massachusetts Owners.

Building on our success as BlueSel Home Solar, the BlueSel Commercial Solar Solar began designing and building larger commercial projects for customers in many industries and for non-profit organizations. In our drive to deliver best in class solutions we have worked with a variety of customers and completed a number of unique installations.
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Our Approach

We believe the customer comes first. Our success is built on being a regional company servicing local customers.

At BlueSel Commercial Solar we believe that there are two critical values that result in delighted customers. First, we work with each company uniquely, providing information and design details as needed. Second, from first contact to final installation, our commitment to quality in products and services is key.
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Our People

Business success is rarely a matter of good luck. Our people and their dedication ensure delighted customers.

We employ over 40 seasoned industry veterans and experienced contractors. And we routinely work with the same partner companies to ensure a stable and expert working environment.
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At BlueSel Solar Customer Satisfaction Drives Our Growth

Established in 2008, our sister company BlueSel Home Solar was the first SunPower Master Dealer authorized in Massachusetts.


BlueSel was founded in 2008 by owners who early on saw the potential for solar power to save money and benefit the environment.


Since that beginning, BlueSel Solar has installed more than 550  residential and commercial solar energy systems rated at over 5.5 MW of capacity. 


To continue as a successful and growing company, the founders have brought experienced and knowledgeable professionals on board. 


The 2 founders possess a complementary combination of business and technical expertise, providing balance for leading all aspects of the company.

The BlueSel Commercial Approach to Solar

For BlueSel Commercial Solar the growth of our business must put the customer as the first priority.

BlueSel Commercial Solar is dedicated to making the first priority customer satisfaction

We Don’t Just Sell.

We Solve.

At BlueSel We Focus on 3 Guiding Principles

We are happy to answer all of your questions. Effective communication is the key to our success we believe that an educated consumer is our best customer. We educate our customers about how solar energy systems work, the latest trends in the industry, and improvements in technology. BlueSel Commercial Solar acts as your solar solution partner to review the system options available and give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your business or organization.

At BlueSel Commercial, we focus on long term relationships with our customers. Customer satisfaction stems from only providing products and services of the highest quality and performance that suit the demands of each customer’s specific project.

We offer flexibility with our service options. Most businesses select a complete Turnkey Package of end-to-end project services, which includes Design, Engineering, Permitting, Material Procurement, State Incentive Applications, and Construction Services.

For developers with their own sales contracts, we also provide EPC Services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) to meet your business needs.

Whatever solar solution is best for you, we will work closely with you to select only the best products and services to fit your budget and goals.

At BlueSel Commercial Solar we believe in fully developing the solar potential of your commercial or institutional site. This means creating innovative designs that incorporate the latest technologies which optimize your Solar System ROI and meet your business goals.

We know that the best solar system for each customer depends on balancing many factors — which include the production capacity desired, the cost of the system, and the savings over time. We believe in thoroughly analyzing the solar potential of each customer site and comparing the value of all the system options. With the costs of solar components declining, we routinely develop innovative designs that include emerging technologies for rooftop installation as well as for solar canopies, ground mounted solar energy systems, and industrial-grade solar plus battery storage systems.

We seek to be your one-stop shop to design and deliver the best solar system for you.

The BlueSel Commercial Solar Team

BlueSel Commercial Solar is well-staffed with both in-house talent along with experienced partner companies to provide project management for all our services. Our internal staff includes sales, design engineering, program management, purchasing, customer service and variety of office support staff to insure our installations are of the highest quality and completed on schedule. We also work with well established, local partner firms for professional engineering and subcontracted electrical services.

With 40 employees and contract partners, a seasoned management team, strong year-over-year growth, and virtually unlimited installation capacity, BlueSel is well prepared to bring your commercial solar project quickly to fruition.

BlueSel Commercial Solar Wally Cole photo


Wally Cole

Co-founder and CEO of BlueSel Commercial Solar

Wally is a solar energy advocate and entrepreneur. He co-founded BlueSel Home Solar in 2008 with Michael Tanghe and continues management responsibilities with that company as well as leading BlueSel’s natural expansion into the Commercial Solar market as the CEO of BlueSel Commercial Solar.

He has over 25 years of previous experience in New-England based technology companies, and served as a Director and Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for technical product lines at companies including Navisite, Compaq and Hewlett Packard.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA in Business from Boston University, he is also a certified Photo Voltaic Systems Designer. Prior to founding BlueSel Solar, he ran his own successful property development company focused on restoring historic homes. This is where he gained the knowledge of general contracting, working with architects, builders, building inspectors, electricians, plumbers and other key sub-contractors.

Mike Tanghe BlueSel Commercial Solar


Michael Tanghe

Co-Founder and Chief Operating OfficeR of BlueSel Solar

Mike brings 25 years of experience in all aspects of mechanical engineering, construction, and renewable energy systems design to the BlueSel Commercial Solar business. Mike uses his engineering talents to assure that only the highest quality components are used in our systems. He is also an expert at utilizing a variety of computer software packages for modeling and optimizing solar system designs to assure the highest output to deliver the largest energy savings from your system.

Mike provides the technical guidance for the BlueSel companies.

BSME University of Massachusetts
BMET Rochester Institute of Technology
Photo Voltaic Systems Designer
Solar Thermal Systems Designer

The Operational Team

BlueSel Commercial Solar Ara Merakian photo

Ara Merakian

Director of Operations

Ara has 10 years senior management experience in the Solar Industry. Over that time he has Developed and/or Project Managed over 150 Megawatts of Residential and Commercial solar Roof-Mounts, Canopy systems and Ground Mounts — overseeing development and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) project types from Maryland to Massachusetts. 

Prior to his solar industry experience, Ara worked for over 20 years as a Procurement and Construction Manager and 10 years before that as a master carpenter. He maintains an excellent reputation with top industry suppliers and contacts and exorcises all his knowledge and skills to see BlueSel Commercial Solar projects to successful completion.

All of BlueSel Commercial Solar’s EPC services are managed by Ara who brings to each project his skills and experience in:
  • Project management
  • Operational process
  • Supplier relationships
  • Contract negotiations
  • Safety & Quality Control (holding a 30 hour OSHA Certification)
BlueSel Commercial Solar Rob Rollins photo

Rob Rollins

Director of Sales & Business Development

Rob joined BlueSel Solar in 2014 and leads our efforts to acquire new opportunities. He is a tireless customer advocate and provides client support throughout the sales and installation process.

Rob’s solar industry experience immediately prior to joining BlueSel included four years as the Sales and Operations Manager for a Northeastern renewable energy company supplying wind turbines, photo voltaic (PV) solar systems, and solar hot water systems. He brings BlueSel Commercial Solar a total of over 30 years high technology sales and operations experience in the full turnkey Electronic Manufacturing Service Industry. He also owned and managed a construction contracting business and his prime concern and passion is customer satisfaction. He attended Stonehill College for a BS in Business Administration, as well as Solar NABCEP Training.

BlueSel Commercial Solar Stephen Howard photo

Stephen Howard

Marketing Manager

Stephen manages BlueSel Commercial Solar’s Marketing Programs and Financial Operations control processes. He has over 30 years of experience in high technology marketing, program management, and business development in the computer industry, including extensive experience with economic and business financial analysis. He has held Senior Marketing and Program Management roles at Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Stephen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College with additional studies at the London School of Economics.

BlueSel Commercial Solar Omkar Chhatre photo

Omkar Chhatre

Solar Energy Engineering

Omkar manages BlueSel Commercial Solar’s in-house engineering project development and support.

His Solar Energy Engineering responsibilities include designing project layouts and developing string configurations and providing shading analysis. He also specifies the equipment purchases to meet the system design requirements and sets up solar system monitoring. Overall he provides a wide range of Engineering Technical Support for BlueSel Commercial Solar projects and is the engineering lead to resolve any onsite issues.

We Support Customers in Many Industries

Where do you fit and how can we help?

BlueSel Commercial Solar hospitality project example


BlueSel Commercial Solar understands the unique energy requirements for lodging and hospitality. Let us show you how solar works for your location whether a year round or a seasonal location.


Commercial solar is a bankable way for business, large or small, to get control of rising energy costs. Let us show you how to you can turn solar savings into a benefit for your core business.

BlueSel Commercial Solar customer Eagle Hill School Hardwick Massachusetts photo 2


BlueSel addresses the distinctive financial needs of non-profit organizations. Variable budgets require precise and efficient designs, and specific financing. Let us show you how to save with solar.

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More About BlueSel Solar

BlueSel Commercial Solar, Inc. is a locally owned solar energy system installation company with offices in Woburn and Sandwich, Massachusetts. It is co-owned by Wally Cole of Arlington, MA and Michael Tanghe of Hyannis, MA. Mike and Wally are also co-founders of BlueSel Home Solar Inc. Together, these two companies have installed over 550 solar installations with over 5.5 megawatts of solar energy system capacity.

BlueSel Solar was the first SunPower® Master Dealer in Massachusetts. The SunPower Master Dealer program is a “by invitation only”. Out of the 1,200 SunPower dealers around the world, only 21 have been invited to become Master Dealers. SunPower awards the title of Master for outstanding customer service and providing first-class installations.

Our construction process begins with a pre-construction planning meeting led by our EPC project manager and involving your on-site project representative and any other subcontractors who will manage on-site work. This meeting educates everyone on the installation and the construction steps in the process. In our experience, this team is able to develop the best plan to efficiently receive and locate materials and work in the construction site with the lowest impact to your business operations. It also establishes the personal connections to quickly solve problems and make optimal decision during the construction process.

For all of our work, we provide a 5 year workmanship warranty and act as your one-stop contact for the equipment warranties for your installed system. Our construction phase completes with documentation and training on the operation of the system, the maintenance schedule, and contact information for issue resolution. We also offer monitoring services that can identify system performance issues and keep your system running at optimal productive capacity.

Our project manager can acquire all the equipment and materials to implement the design and would work with you to fully manage the logistics of delivering and storing them onsite to minimize any disruption to your normal business operations.

Another important aspect of procurement is our proven ability to manage all the required permits for construction as well as all the required paperwork and interactions with the local utility for grid-connection authorization and PTO (permission to operate). We can also manage the application forms and processes for any incentive programs and credits the system is eligible for. Simply put – our system design includes everything needed to build your system, meet all requirements AND take advantage of all the incentives and credits you are due.

Our engineering begins with the first conversation to understand your electricity requirements, history and project goals. We survey the site and evaluate the total solar power potential and work with you to review the options for all potential solar installations – including the roofs of existing buildings as well as the possible options for Solar Systems over parking areas and unshaded land that might be used for ground-mount systems.

The cost, financing, payback period, and system lifetime ROI are reviewed for each option and the quality equipment included in our designs is always selected meet your budget and optimize the return on your financial investment.

Our engineering plans are fully certified by our engineering partner company – ARC DESIGN – to meet all structural and electrical requirements and qualify fully for current federal and state incentive programs.

More About BlueSel Solar

BlueSel Commercial Solar, Inc. is a locally owned solar energy system installation company with offices in Woburn and Sandwich, Massachusetts. It is co-owned by Wally Cole of Arlington, MA and Michael Tanghe of Hyannis, MA. Mike and Wally are also co-founders of BlueSel Home Solar Inc. Together, these two companies have installed over 550 solar installations with over 5.5 megawatts of solar energy system capacity.

BlueSel Solar was the first SunPower® Master Dealer in Massachusetts. The SunPower Master Dealer program is a “by invitation only”. Out of the 1,200 SunPower dealers around the world, only 21 have been invited to become Master Dealers. SunPower awards the title of Master for outstanding customer service and providing first-class installations.